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Jan 10, 2014

Create Paper alphabets for Digital Scrap Kits (Tutorial)

Today I will explain how to create an alphabet with Papers .
You can use my freebies products for this tut :)
Please click on the images to see large view 

!!!Open a new document of 6000x6000 and 300dpi. I am using Arno Pro Font and font size is ''200 pt ''with bold

1: Ok Now write the entire alphabets, numbers and special characters. ( as you like)
* I am using  the alphabets only in this tut 

2: After write the entire alphabets etc,  we will need to modify the parameters of Character, And we'll change the distance between each character and between each line.

3: After this step ,you can see ,they do not fit correctly all characters. Now , we'll have to need expand the canvas Size .
Go to Image -> Canvas Size and put  6500 pixels.
 Now! all characters Fit correctly.
4: Now go to layer  -> duplicate the layer and hide the original layer .Ok we will working on the ''duplicate'' layer
5: Go to layer  -> Rasterize  -> Layer
6:Now,  select the Magic Wand tool ,

so that we will select a few letters . Trail of ants appears in the selected character.
like this

 7:Now press ''CTRL + jy'' will create a new layer with the selected characters.
8:OK Repeat the previous steps (:Now,  select the Magic Wand tool , so that we will select a few letters . Trail of ants appears in the selected character. 7:Now press ''CTRL + jy'' will create a new layer with the selected characters.)
9: I am using 3 papers in this tut so i am creating 3 layers ok
  like this  :

10:Now let's open the papers with which we want to create the alphabet.As the papers are from 3600 and our document size is larger, and we have to double the papers to cover all the letters.(I Have draw 4 papers )
look like this :
11:Now right click on each of the papers Or press Alt+ctrl+G and Create Clipping Mask.

12:We repeat the same steps on the other layers .
And result look like this :

13:So, Merge Visible all layers

Now let's give it a few more steps.
14: We are going to do a little sewing on Alphas , double click on the Alphabets  layers  the merchant ant appears (This will select all the letters, Mind you) create a new layer and name it sewing and active the sewing layer .

 15:Let go to Selections -> Modify -> Contract and put 10 pixels.
  It must look like this.

16:We go to the  windows Menu > Paths .We go to the Paths palette and click on Make Work Path from Selection.
 17:Select the brush tool and select a brush stitch, I have chosen size of 20 pixels. Also select the color Black.
you can download this Brush from here
the brush settings is like this :


and we  return to the Paths palette and select Stroke Path with Brush. and then delete the path .
18:Now active the alphabets layer and we will apply  Stroke, it's  color is(#fceee1) and I've set a size  20 pixels.
19 apply inner-shadow  also the settings like this
 >>> Stroke


ok your alphas are ready

 now merge the layers
Now this is my way how I am save the alphas separately  ,
20.... Select a rectangular marquee tool  , and select the one alphabets like ''A ''

21...... after selection press ''ctrl+c'' then create a new file names as A and paste the image+ trim and save it
I have created an action to save alphas you just select the alphabets with rectangular marquee tool and then play action ok
Download action From Here
Now, you  don't  sell my action ,,,,,you can use it for your projects but you cannot make any script or action from this tut
thank you  love and hugs

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